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DHB Merino Top

Merino tops for cyclists

Merino wicks moisture from your skin, keeps your body at a good temperature and stops you from smelling bad after a long bike bike. It’s no wonder that it is such a buzzword amongst cyclists and it is a popular fabric choice in high end cycling clothing brands. What is there to love about Merino? […]

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Do you use a bike bell?

Westminster council recently announced they were considering handing out bicycle bells to keep cyclists safe. This is a fairly laughable solution to the problem that highlights how Westminster isn’t prepared to take serious action on safe cycling by re-considering the way we design our roads. Bicycle bells come with all new bike purchases by law. Yet, […]

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Jet Recon

Google Glass and cycling – a match made in heaven?

Love it or hate it – there’s no doubting modern technology is having a big impact on cycling. The next big thing is wearable technology. In that particular category, it is Google Glass that is turning the most heads. What is Google Glass? The video above of Sergei Brin offers perhaps the most enticing explanation. […]

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Product view of the Knog Strongman bike lock coloured black and white

The three steps to a theft proof bike

Keeping your bike out of the hands of thieves isn’t difficult. Simply follow these three steps.

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Bike glasses

Here comes the sun: Summer cycling gear

That famous song: “Here comes the sun” by George Harrison seems almost mocking in London when you stare on grey skies and ask yourself: When is summer coming? As Londoners we love to complain but we also hold a deep optimism. Surely, this year will be better than last? Aside from your shorts and t-shirt, […]

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Rapha & Raeburn City Wind Jacket review

Remade in England Rapha’s lead product designer, Graeme Raeburn, has been working with his brother, Christopher Raeburn, to produce a special edition capsule collection for city cyclists. Christopher Raeburn heads up his own design studio in the UK which is famed for using repurposed fabrics and handcrafted construction. All hand made in England, the collaboration […]

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Vulpine Merino Top

Vulpine Merino T-Shirt review

Now as I am sure you know I am a fan of all things Vulpine, having previously reviewed their Merino Polo and Lightweight Harrington. This time I am reviewing the staple of the Vulpine range – the Merino T-Shirt. In essence this is is the same as last years model, but is available in some new colours […]

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Vulpine Men’s Lightweight Harrington Jacket review

You may or may not know – I certainly didn’t – that a Harrington jacket is a lightweight waist-length jacket, typically made of cotton, and that Harrington jackets have been made by British Clothing companies since the 1930s. That gives the Vulpine Lightweight Harrington a big pair of boots to fill as far as British […]

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Quick to reach bags to attach to your bike frame

If you are heading out on a bike ride, it’s nice to be without a bag on your back. Depending on how much you are carrying, you may be able to get away with just a frame bag. You’d be surprised how much some of them can carry. Not only can you relieve your back […]

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Carrera Foldable Helmet review

It is often said that the best designs are the result of the worst problems. When I heard that Italian heritage sports brand Carrera had expanded their product collection to include a ‘foldable’ helmet that could “shrink” up to a third, I was intrigued and eager to understand the driving force behind revisiting the humble […]

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Secondary bike locks: 4 of the best

If you’ve read London Cyclist for long enough then you’ll know about our roundup of the best bike locks. In there we talk about the importance of a heavy D-lock for your security. However, as any seasoned London cyclist will tell you, this should always be complimented by a secondary lock. Why? Your primary lock […]

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Rapha Backpack review

I know I’m certainly not the only person who has struggled to find an ideal luggage solution for the ride to work. I’ve flirted with rucksacks, suit carriers and pannier bags, but always end up returning to my big, uncomfortable and cumbersome backpack. While the suit carrier seems ideal on paper, it wasn’t for me. […]

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