Christmas gift guide for cyclists 2017

Like it or not, Christmas is already on its way. Do you have a cyclist in your life to buy a present for? Are you wondering whether to get them a cycling gift, or just stick to the safe but very predictable scented candle or box of Belgian chocolates? Well, you should use your imagination or at least use our handy gift guide in case you spot something they’ll like!

Give them something they can use in their day-to-day cycling life, and they’ll be sure to repay you with more than just a toiletries giftset next year. We’ve rounded up some of the newest, coolest, funnest and most seriously helpful cycling Christmas gifts out there.

From the person who finds morning rides impossible, to the friend who loves cycling around London clad in flashing LED lights, this list gives ideas for all the weird but wonderful types on cyclists out there.

The secret Santa

Bluffer’s Guide to Cycling, £6.99










Assuming your budget is under a tenner, The Bluffer’s Guide to Cycling is an ideal gift for the cyclist in your office. Part of the popular ‘Bluffer’s Guide’ series, it’s smart, funny and actually full of useful and interesting cycling facts. Take a look at some of the other cycling books we’ve recommended before on London Cyclist for more inspiration.

The lights addict

Lumos Helmet, £159.99

Hikari VeloHalo £34.25

Velohalo by Hikari

Blaze Front Projecting Light + Rear Burner Rear Light

Blaze bike light

Do you know someone who likes to light up the night brighter than the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree? We have a couple of options for you here. The Lumos Helmet is like something out of a sci-fi film, with integrated lights that signal turns and warn when you’re slowing down. Snazzy, huh? For a less expensive option, Wheely Bright LED wheel lights turn a bike into a dazzling light show. They’re available in white, pink, green or blue.

The sophisticated type

Crankalicious Gift Box, £25

Hill & Ellis Pannier Bag, £195

hill ellis bag

If you’re looking to give something a little bit special, Crankalicious create unique handmade cycling products. This gift-box features a selection of seven classic cleaning products, each with a unique twist. It includes the Mud Honey foaming bucket wash and Pineapple Express rapid acting bike cleaner. So not only does it look good; it’s super practical for any cyclist who takes pride in looking after their bike, too.

Alternatively, for those looking for panniers that look great on and off the bike there is the Hill & Ellis Pannier bag. You wouldn’t believe this bag has hidden pannier clips on the back.

The not-a-morning-person

Bodyclock Starter 30, £59.95

Does someone need a little encouragement to get up and on the saddle in the mornings? The Bodyclock gently wakes you up with its soft light, just like a 30-minute sunrise. The light influences the production of hormones responsible for wakefulness, so you feel more refreshed and motivated in the morning. It’s been proven to improve sports performance and is an official supplier to the British Swimming team. If it works for them…

The art collector

Convicts of the road print, £30

Know someone who likes to make their cycling passion known in the home? Etsy is full of artwork and prints that will look great hanging up on the wall. The Handmade Cyclist has plenty of original, cool prints to choose from.

The city commuter

Tile Mate, £23

Commuters will appreciate something super practical, to help limit the hassles that come with cycling to work every day. A Bluetooth tracker gives peace of mind for those who worry about their bike being stolen while they’re in the office. It can be tucked discreetly under the bike’s saddle with adhesive tape and connected with a smartphone or tablet. It’s not the most exciting present, but it’s definitely one that’ll be appreciated by the worry-pots out there.

The London Cyclist

Cycling cap, £25










Give them something that celebrates being a cyclist in London! With Look Mom No Hands arguably being the most popular cycling café in the city, take a look at their online shop for some branded merch, cool prints and workshop course vouchers. This winter cycling cap is the perfect stocking filler.

The ethical cyclist

glow reflective headwear

Glow Reflective Beanie, £52.00

For the ethically enlightened, these reflective hats help keep you visible and the money you spend goes to help and enable marginalised women in East London to earn a living by crocheting each piece. Glow also sell a range of fingerless gloves and a snood.

The foodie

Wiggins Tribute Cycling Chocolate Bar, £6.50







Vintage Bicycle chocolate bar, £5.50







And if you’re going to end up giving them chocolate, at least make sure it’s cycling chocolate – this one even doubles as an ode to Bradley Wiggins. Or, if they like their chocolate to look really good, this golden vintage chocolate bicycle will do the trick.

Do you have any recommendations for Christmas presents? What would you like to find in your stocking this year? Let us know in the comments box below!

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5 Responses to Christmas gift guide for cyclists 2017

  1. Steve Summers 01/12/2017 at 2:34 pm #

    The best Christmas present London road users could receive would be the following,

    Immediately remove any legal punishment for drivers who run over the following
    1. cyclists who cycle in the dark with no lights
    2. morons stepping into your path, because they are staring into their mobile phones instead of looking where they are walking
    NOTE Drivers must kill the cyclist/phone user, a glancing blow is not sufficient, if necessary, reverse over the person several times

    Perhaps we could persuade the mayor to bring this in on 1st Jan ?

    • MJ Ray 08/12/2017 at 5:24 pm #

      Wow. How spiteful! Can’t you drive properly, then? So you can stop within what you can see to be clear, like the highway code says. Sure, they should have lights and look where they’re going, but that doesn’t excuse other sins.

  2. David 01/12/2017 at 8:22 pm #

    You missed out a wonderful collection of cycling pictures at

  3. MJ Ray 08/12/2017 at 5:27 pm #

    I’m not sure that a Bluetooth tracker is much good against theft. Maybe it’s good if you lose your bike in the cycle parking, but once it’s out of range, you’re out of luck unless another tile app user is near it… which if it’s been nicked and shoved in a container until they can flog it to a student in September, it won’t be.

  4. Caleb 12/12/2017 at 5:44 am #

    Just so timely for me, I am planning to buy a gift for my biker friend. Thanks for sharing this!

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