Bontrager commuting jacket review

bontrager-commuting-jacketA jacket that I’ve increasingly found myself wearing on rides is the Bontrager Commuting Jacket. It’s a very stylish windproof jacket that is suited to “cool spring mornings and evenings”.

Windproof jackets have the advantage of keeping you cool through use of breathable fabrics. This is something that can be rarely matched by waterproof jackets, which tend to cause you to heat up as you go past the first couple of miles on your ride.

The jacket is incredibly comfortable and seems to fit the shape of my body perfectly. More so than any other jacket I’ve tried to date. The effect is that you barely notice it’s there. It almost slips into the background and works its magic keeping you at a good temperature.

Bontrager have come up with a very stylish design for their jacket and they’ve managed to sneak in subtle reflective strips in a way that you could wear this jacket during the day without anyone realising it is meant for cycling.

The jacket includes two zipped side pockets, a larger zipped rear pocket and two buttoned breast pockets. Although, I’ve rarely found myself using the breast pockets.

The Bontrager Commuting Jacket resists light rain but if the heavens decide to open then you will need to reach for something more waterproof.

The material of the jacket feels strong and durable and even after many miles it looks as good as new. Therefore, it should be one of those purchases that lasts many years.

Overall review: A great windproof cycling jacket that I’d highly recommend.
Price: £59.99

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3 Responses to Bontrager commuting jacket review

  1. JimF 01/12/2011 at 11:26 am #

    Looks nice. Personally I swear by this jacket, even though it is now four times the price.

    I bought mine six years ago. It’s done more than anything to keep me on the bike – keeps me warm and dry for 8 months of the year. It’s only not much use in summer. I get hot and sweaty on a bike so wear less in summer. But in Autumn/Winter/Spring it’s invaluable. On my 6 mile commute (change of clothes both ends) it means rain doesn’t bother me. Nor the cold. Nor wind. Only when all three are present in abundance does it put me off now and even then I quite enjoy the epic weather cos I have the best kit to mitigate it.

    I took the view that every time I cycled I was saving myself £5 in commuting and benefiting myself health wise, so why not incentivise myself with lovely gear?

    Even if you don’t take that view, when I’ve spent £50 on a jacket they’ve never lasted me six years previously and been much less comfortable. I’d have normally bought two or three jackets in that time and the extra quality is worth it.

    I know, £240 for a cycling jacket is a lot of money. More than any bike I’d bought until my current one. Yet it’s been totally worth it for me.


    • Andreas 01/12/2011 at 12:28 pm #

      Thanks for the comment Jim – I like how you are justifying the jacket spend on yourself. If you have the money then there’s no reason not to treat yourself to some nice cycling gear. Obviously I can’t yet comment on the longevity of the Bontrager ccling jacket yet as I’ve only worn it for approximately 8 months but for not it seems to be holding up very well.

  2. Adrian 02/12/2011 at 2:28 am #

    I was on Amazon earlier this evening and snapped up an Altura night vision for £39.95 as an early christmas present for myself, just thought i’d share 🙂

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