BikeParka review

With a baby on the way, it recently came to my realisation that the spare room is no longer going to be ‘spare’ – and as such can no longer be deemed a room for me to keep my bike and all paraphernalia.

While there are a range of fancy indoor bicycle storage options, I thought I’d put the balcony to good use and designate the new bike space. But obviously I wasn’t about to let my beloved bike suffer in the wind and rain – I need a suitable cover to keep my bike snug and protected from the elements.

That’s where the BikeParka comes in. I thought I’d got my hands on a new sleeping bag when this turned up, but I was to be pleasantly surprised.

When you remove the BikeParka from its handy bag, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s just a piece of fabric that won’t do much good in protecting your bike. But you’d be wrong!


Snug, easy to fit and effective

The BikeParka comes with a handy note on its use – meaning you don’t spend ages faffing around with it and wondering whether you’re meant to use it. Instead, you’re able to cover your bike within minutes, make the cover a tight fit and walk away confident that your bike is protected.

While all bike cover manufacturers will claim that their cover is effective and fits any kind of bike, BikeParka is certainly the best bike cover I’ve ever tried out. With an elasticated bottom and an adjustable tightener on the top, this is one cover that does what it promises.


BikeParka is available in two styles, Stash (£29.95) and Urban (£39.95). The main difference is that the Urban cover comes with lock-through panels, which means your cover can be locked together with your bike – and the lock then also acts as an extra weight to keep your cover down over your bike.

While even the cheaper cover’s price may raise an eyebrow, this is one instance where price is reassuring. The fabric used for the cover is clearly very strong, and the design is excellent. The ‘stuff-sac’ is literally that – and makes putting the cover away as easy as it could be.


Great for outdoor bike keeping 

Initially the thought of keeping my bike in the open air filled me with dread a bit. Yes it’s insured, and it’s not thieves that worried me – but the thought of the damage the British winter could do to my beloved bike. Now, I am very confident that my bike will be dry and damage-free each time I come to use it.

BikeParka’s are great for:

  • Keeping your bike dry and clean outdoors
  • Easy to put on, and to take off
  • Rigid, strong fabric that can be adjusted to snugly fit your bike’s own shape and size

BikeParka’s are available from £29.95 from the official BikeParka website.


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One Response to BikeParka review

  1. Russell 27/01/2014 at 1:58 pm #

    I purchased a Bike Parka last Autumn. Gratefully before all the rains came. It has worked very well. A word of warning. Strap your bike down or keep it away from winds. The Bike Parka turns into a sail when on the bike. It’s surprising how far it will carry your bike before it lands on the ground.

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