Bicycle love

Valentines weekend is here. Perhaps you plan to go out on a romantic bike ride with your human love? Or perhaps you plan to pamper your two wheeled love? But, do you love your bike and cycling as much as these people? We will leave you to be the judge of whether they have taken it too far, or just far enough.

Bike in a tent

Even when touring, you may want to protect your bike, but is it worth getting sand in your tent?!

No room for anything other than bikes

If you don’t leave enough room in your bed to sleep in it yourself, then you know you love your bike more than life itself.

Replaced by a bike

You thought you found the perfect partner when you found someone who loves cycling as much as you do. You have a default partner to ride with. You can blather about components and frames and accessories to your hearts desire. You don’t get yelled at when you bring home a new steed. What you don’t expect is to actually be replaced by a bike.

Hallway cycle lane

For those who advocate for safer cycling, we thank you. When you feel strongly about things, they tend to take over your life a little. It’s really just how you can get things done and put up the highs and lows. However, you can take it too far. Bike lanes are very important for getting people on bikes, but they may be unnecessary in the home. Just sayin’.

Young love

From ttcopley on Flickr

Do you remember how you felt when you found your first love? When you got your first new bike? That feeling of freedom that came with it. You might even admit to yourself that you still feel that way about a new bike. You might stare at it for a while, take some photos of it to show it off to your Instagram following. So really, this is where it all starts. You just do the laundry now and don’t want to have to wash the sheets.

Touring bike tattoo

Lyla Foley on Flickr

This tattoo is pretty awesome as it is an exact depiction of the bike as it was on tour. Bike touring can be life changing, as can tattoos.

Happy Valentines day people, and remember, human love may sometimes be fleeting, but the love for cycling is enduring, healthy and rewarding.

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    Ha ha! So nice! It looks really love!

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