Best puncture proof tyres

Some people laugh when they hear the words “puncture proof tyres” but then they probably haven’t tried these two tyres.

The Marathon Swabble puncture proof tyres

Schwalbe Marathon Plus is the tyre of choice for the tough bikes used in the hire scheme in France – could it help you on your bike?

Punctures are an annoying part of a cyclists life. For me, they typically occur when I least want them to. On my way to a meeting. In the rain. And when my toolkit is sat, forgotten, on my desk at home. But there are tyres that can drastically reduce the number of punctures.

There is one piece of bad news however, that I better deliver to you now in-case you haven’t already realised. No matter what people say there is no such thing as “100% puncture proof tyres”. That’s like saying McDonalds burgers are “100% meat”. I’ll counteract that with two pieces of good news to make you feel better. These tyres don’t cost that much more than your average tyre and they won’t slow you down noticeably.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus puncture proof tyres

I rode with the Marathon Plus tyres 145+ miles from Birmingham to London along the canal towpaths (considered puncture heaven) getting only a single puncture. Others doing the same route but with different tyres have reported punctures in double figures. Since then they’ve continued to serve me well. I’d highly recommend them.

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Specialized Armadillo all condition tyres

I recently got this email about these puncture proof tyres:

Was staggered by the amount of people in your what is in your bike bag article who carried spare inner tyres, puncture repair kits and CO2 canisters with them every day! Staggered. I cycle along the towpath, through Harlesden (always has glass in road). On average about 30 miles a week. Have had zero punctures in 6 years going from Shepherds Bush – Wembley. Why not do a review of armadillo tyres with the puncture protection? I ride a hybrid with these on. Am probably jinxing it now I realise, but I love them.





Puncture proof tyres tip

If you can fit them on your bike the 25mm or 28mm puncture proof tyres will provide greater comfort and a smaller chance of a pinch puncture.


The above two tyres are considered two of the best puncture proof tyres. I’m excited to hear what you guys think. It’s invaluable to have this great community of cyclists here on London Cyclist adding their personal experiences and insights.

Please add a comment below about your thoughts on puncture proof tyres & technologies..

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