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Michelle Arthurs-Brennan once worked for a local newspaper, but swapped court stories and door-knocking for a new life working in the marketing department of a major cycle retailer. She enjoys riding down duel carriageways in silly helmets at 190bpm (Time Trialling), the odd bit of muddy cyclocrossing, and writing about anything any anything but mainly bicycle related topics at www.ridewriterepeat.com. For tweets and general two-wheeled ramble, follow: @michellearthurs.

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The five best things about winter riding

When you arrive home, with feet numb like swollen ice bricks, fingers white and brittle, or soaked to the skin, winter can seem a less than fabulous time to ride a bike. But we still keep on doing it, and there have to be some very good reasons for that. Here are a few to […]

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Base layers to keep you warm this winter

Dressing to stay warm on a winter ride starts from the layer closest to your skin. A base layer is worn under a jersey and is used to keep sweat away from your skin (wicking) and to trap a cosy insulating layer of air to keep you warm. You want a base layer that you […]

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Top rated arm and leg warmers

Arm and leg warmers are possibly one of the most useful inventions known to cyclists. Perhaps that is an exaggeration – the bike might take precedence, but they are in the top 10. I mentioned these lovely little pieces of gear recently in a piece about kit for autumn rides – but these deserve a […]

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Could cyclocross be your next adventure?

There are tons of things you can do on two wheels. You can ride long, winding roads, ticking off the hills across the country; you could load up a touring steed like a snail shell and travel from place to place with all your belongings. You could speed down trails, or even pull some stunts […]

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5 Cyclists I love to hate

The cycling community is almost like its own little nation. We all share one hobby, or ‘nationality’ – we’re all from Cyclocity (or Veloham?) – if you like. However, within Cyclocity there are a number of diverse groups. We tend to either ride alone, or in groups with our own demographic. On a weekend, roadies […]

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Tips for wet weather riding

It can be tempting to poke your nose outside as rain falls from the sky in buckets, shake your head, and take the train instead – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Wet weather riding can be strangely liberating if done right – and if you can’t enjoy it, there are things you can do […]

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Bike kit storage that doesn’t cost the room

Cycling starts off as a lovely simple hobby – you pop on your trainers, strap a helmet to your head, jump on the bike and off you go. Then – a couple of years pass and suddenly you have multiple pedals, a collection of steeds, several helmets for different purposes, and more saddles and stems […]

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A product shot of Mavic Oversocks

Clothing tips for your autumn rides

It’s a very British stereotype to start by talking about the weather. However – it’s also unavoidable when we live in a country where the weather plays tricks on us. A typical autumn day might begin with fog and a slightly dampening mist, giving way to bright shining sun, which soon disappears to be replaced […]

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