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Seat your child on your bike

Guide to carrying your child on a bike

The Guardian’s Peter Walker recently posted an excellent video of bike carriers in action. I wanted to share the video here and roundup some of the options mentioned that are available to cyclists. You can wait until your kids are old enough to hop on their own little tyke bike, or you can start earlier […]

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Today only! 10% off all mobile phone bike mounts

You may well already know about our London Cyclist eShop where we sell these rather useful mobile phone bike mounts. My one is always mounted to my handlebars and I use it to follow bike friendly directions using apps such as BikeHub or Google Maps, I can track my route using Strava and I can […]

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Sennheiser/Adidas headphones for cycling

While cycling the streets of London there is plenty to keep you distracted: honking motorists, distracted pedestrians, traffic lights and slovenly cyclists. On a long bike ride, it could be nice to be able to listen to some music or the radio. Ah, if only there was some safe way to allow the avid cyclist […]

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Endura Argyll Sock

Endura Urban Range review

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or new to it all, it’s easy to get caught up in the notion that if you ride a bike, you have to wear lycra. On my commute to work each day I tend to see people dressed one of two ways: either head to toe in lycra, or in […]

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Blueberry espresso brownies

Something a little different that you’ll like.. Healthy recipes!

I’ve been working on something a little different for the past few months (hence why London Cyclist has been a little more quiet than usual) and I wanted to share it here with you guys, as I’m sure some of you will love this! It’s a new iPhone and iPad app called Caveman Feast that […]

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Cyclist riding around a bus stop in TRL testing facility

Revolutionising the road junction – deep inside TfL’s secret lab in Berkshire

Guest post by Jude from the Cycling with Heels blog. When I read back in April that Transport for London were trialling some new cycle-friendly roundabouts and junctions, my first thought was, wow! Where do I sign up? My second thought was, it’ll never happen. They’ll be inundated with cyclists wanting to take part. I’ll never […]

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Adventures finding cycle parking in Soho

You are on route to meet your friends at your favourite Japanese restaurant in Soho, as you happily pedal to your destination, you suddenly remember that cycle parking in Soho is a nightmare. It shouldn’t be really. This is the heart of London and the kind of place people should be encouraged to cycle to. […]

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Hyde park cycling map

Cycle Tourists Guide To London’s Royal Parks

Whilst cycling and London’s Royal Parks have had a turbulent relationship, they are an undeniably beautiful spot to visit on a hot day, even if you do have to leave your bike at the gate. Here is a roundup of some of my favourite spots and some of the attractions and hotels around them. I’ve […]

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French student killed whilst riding Boris Bike

#space4cycling protest rides reflect growing anger at slow progress by TfL, Mayor and councils

After the death of 20-year old French student Philippine De Gerin-Ricard and 54-year old Alan Neve, London cyclists took to the street to voice their frustration at the lack of progress in creating safer streets for cycling. The first protest ride attracted 1500 cyclists and the second around 2500. They were organised by the LCC in […]

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Travel accommodation for cyclists

Now that the season is ripe for traveling, avid cyclists will be searching for places to crash for a night between cycling holidays. Whether you choose to plan your holiday around cycling or you simply want to cycle around every locale to enjoy the sites, you’ll want to book travel accommodations that cater to cyclists. […]

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London route from Lost Lanes

Lost Lanes: A beautiful cycling guidebook to South East England

Jack Thurston of The Bike Show, has created what must be the most beautiful guide to cycling in South East England. The Lost Lanes book has been sat in my inbox, awaiting review for far too long, but with sunnier days ahead of us, I thought it was time to bring it to everyone’s attention. The […]

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Bike locked with the Tigr Lock

Tigr Lock Review – Not your typical bike lock

What if I told you that a bike lock exists that weighs about a third of a typical lock and offers the same level of protection? You’ll probably look at me like I’ve lost my mind. You’d tell me that can’t be possible and you’d stop reading my cycling blog. Don’t click away yet, I’ve […]

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