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Vulpine Men’s Lightweight Harrington Jacket review

You may or may not know – I certainly didn’t – that a Harrington jacket is a lightweight waist-length jacket, typically made of cotton, and that Harrington jackets have been made by British Clothing companies since the 1930s. That gives the Vulpine Lightweight Harrington a big pair of boots to fill as far as British […]

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Three must try rides for WaterAid

We all ride for a variety of reasons; for exercise, for fun or for the glory of besting another cyclist in a hard fought race. But a few times a year, cyclists get together for a totally selfless reason. Charity. At London Cyclist we are big proponents of strapping on your gear for a good […]

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Quick to reach bags to attach to your bike frame

If you are heading out on a bike ride, it’s nice to be without a bag on your back. Depending on how much you are carrying, you may be able to get away with just a frame bag. You’d be surprised how much some of them can carry. Not only can you relieve your back […]

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Cycling in El Salvador

When in El Salvador, you really appreciate the frequent train services from London Euston to Birmingham New Street. Using my best Spanish I enquired about a similar journey in El Salvador: “Hay un autobus para ir a Sonsonate?” Turns out a journey 1/4 of the length, is going to take the same amount of time. […]

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London’s best cycling events

Whether you’re a recreational cyclist or a hard-core Fred, you probably like to attend events with fellow cyclists. I’m not just talking about going to the pub with your mates; I’m talking actual events for cyclists. Why would you want to? There’s about a million reasons. From acting on the opportunity to cycle naked to […]

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Carrera Foldable Helmet review

It is often said that the best designs are the result of the worst problems. When I heard that Italian heritage sports brand Carrera had expanded their product collection to include a ‘foldable’ helmet that could “shrink” up to a third, I was intrigued and eager to understand the driving force behind revisiting the humble […]

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10 things I wish I’d known when I first started cycling

Use two different locks I’ll never forget the day I walked back to the bike shed after my college lessons, only to find my bike had disappeared. Confused I asked myself: Did I lock my bike? Is this a friend of mine playing a practical joke? Did I even ride my bike in today? The […]

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10 bike stands I’d love to leave my bike in

Are you sick and tired of those boring bike stands that don’t deserve to have your beautiful bike tied to it? I’ve scoured the internet looking for the sleekest, the coolest and most outrageous bike stand designs I could find. Here they are for your viewing pleasure! 1. Giant Squid Bike Rack Nothing says I’m […]

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Why do drivers get angry at cyclists

If you sat and thought now about the number of times you’ve been riding happily along, minding your own manners and rules of the road, only to have an angry driver honk, scowl or shout a few colourful words your way? Ever wondered why? Was that guy just having a bad day or did you […]

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Cycling slang you need to know

From MAMILs to derailleurs and sportives to saddlebags, cycling involves a whole different language. Even with a pretty thorough knowledge of cyclospeak, there are always more words and phrases to learn and for you to use. There are things you probably do everyday on your ride yet didn’t realise there’s an “official” name for it. […]

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Secondary bike locks: 4 of the best

If you’ve read London Cyclist for long enough then you’ll know about our roundup of the best bike locks. In there we talk about the importance of a heavy D-lock for your security. However, as any seasoned London cyclist will tell you, this should always be complimented by a secondary lock. Why? Your primary lock […]

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Cycle London to Cambridge for Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Cycling in London is brilliant but for me, using my bike to get out of London, either on organised rides or spontaneous trips, is even better. Once you’re out of the city there’s rolling hills, beautiful countryside and, of course, much less traffic. One of the best ways to get out of London by bike […]

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