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Free entry in to the London Revolution if you sign up to Ride Across Britain

The Deloitte Ride Across Britain has become one of the biggest bike challenges in the UK. Cyclists can either complete a section of the route, or they can ride the entire 960 miles. It’s a chance to discover the UK from two wheels along a meticulously researched route, with the support of Threshold Sport. The […]

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A London Cyclist in Vancouver

The first spot on my tour of the Americas for a new project I’m working on, started off in Vancouver – and no I didn’t see any bears, I didn’t have to trample through snow and I didn’t have to avoid moose traps as some friends joked. My trip started off with a typical Canadian […]

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Antler Ultimate Commuter suit bag review

Like many cyclists, I’m forever searching for a rucksack that is ideal for my commute to work five days a week: one that will allow me to carry my suit jacket, shirt, trousers, pants, socks, shoes, towel, shower gel, shaving gel, deodorant to work in a convenient and practical carrier. It’s a long list of […]

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Bike parking in New York inspired by London designers

Wobbly old steel Sheffield stands on the corner of a desolate car park aren’t particularly exciting. However, Cyclehoop don’t deal in your regular run of the mill bike parking. They create cycle parking solutions out of existing objects available in urban areas. The city of New York has recently signed a contract worth $2 million […]

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A London Cyclist in Portland

“AMERICA! The land ruled by the car! We invented it!” So howled a lady as I was walking towards Clever Cycles in Portland. Indeed, I thought to myself as I hurried past. That’s exactly what I’m here to investigate. Getting here wasn’t easy. As I didn’t wish to rent a car, the journey was a […]

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Ride London to Surrey on a two wheel wave for Action on Hearing Loss

If you have managed to escape the furore around the RideLondon-Surrey 100 bike ride – you can definitely expect to hear a lot more about this event in the next six months. Following on from 2012’s summer of success/Olympic year/cycling is the best sport in the world, the UK is riding the two wheel wave […]

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DHB Pro Triple Lens Sunglasses review

I have to be honest and say that when I began cycling, and had next to no accessories, I’d look at people wearing glasses such as these and think they were trying to be something they’re not – a professional cyclist. I’d stereotype these people as MAMILs (Middle Aged Men in Lycra) – This was […]

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The Discerning Cyclist interview

It’s not often when you are busy surfing from website to website, that you just pause to appreciate something beautiful. That’s exactly how I felt when I happened upon: Not only was the site design great, the illustrations were amazing and the articles on cycling fashion and style caught my attention. I had to […]

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The dazzling bike light epidemic

Have you ever been cycling merrily along and suddenly an ultra bright bike light blinds you? According to a recent spate of emails I’ve been receiving this is becoming a “hot issue” for London’s cyclists. Cyclists tend to love their accessories. From our waterproof jackets, to our bike locks and our bike lights. It seems […]

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Portable chargers for cyclists

I’m currently in Portland investigating the cycling culture here for a post on London Cyclist. While I’m on the move, one of my most useful accessories is the Veho Pebble. When my battery is running low, I can just plug it in and fully charge up my iPhone. The Veho Pebble is useful for those […]

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Ortlieb Messenger Bag Review

Ortlieb are known for their much loved panniers for cyclists. Today, I want to take a look at their messenger bag. You could be forgiven for asking why anyone needs a bag so big, you may also wonder if I look a little like Quasimodo after a fortnight of carrying this on my back. The […]

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Cycling the Camel Trail

In Cornwall there’s a well known cycle route called the Camel Trail. (I’d never heard it before but then my general knowledge is akin to that of a goldfish). If you find yourself in that part of the world, exploring small villages, eating Cornish pasties or surfing, then it’s worthy of a visit. The total […]

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