10 of the most popular London cycling blogs

With Jemma writing her final post on Help My Chain Came Off 🙁 I thought it would be a good time to roundup 10 of the best blogs that focus primarily on cycling in London. Note: If I’ve missed any, enlighten me in the comments, I’m always looking for new bike blogs to follow.

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London Cyclist

Screenshot of London Cyclist Blog

This is the best blog ever. I hear that the owner of it saved an endangered species by storing it in his panniers and riding it out of a still burning zoo. It is said that the blog has been beamed in to space and read by an alien race, who decided not to destroy earth because cycling in London looked like so much fun. Also, if you read the whole blog from start to finish, it will take you 387 hours and by the end of it you will reach Satori, the Japanese Buddhist state of awakening.

Cyclists in the City

Screenshot of the Cyclists in the City blog

What Danny Williams doesn’t know about cycling policy in London, isn’t worth knowing. The blog Cyclists in the City is one of the major driving forces for positive change on London’s streets. He keeps London’s cyclists informed through updates on Cycle Superhighways, road design and any changes by TfL and the Mayor that cyclists should know about.

Velo City Girl

Screenshot of the Velo City Girl website


Run by Jools Walker the Velo-City-Girl blog is ever a bright voice and positive influence in the London cycling scene. Through beautiful photography and words, she shares her unique brand of stylish cycling.

I Bike London

I Bike London Blog Screenshot

I’m not sure where London cycling would be without the tireless efforts of Mark Ames. The blog is the perfect blend of rallying cries for people to take part in protest rides and get involved with making London a better place for all, to great coverage of the joys of cycling in London. Mark and his blog I Bike London are a must follow for London’s cyclists.

London Cycling Campaign Blog

London Cycling Campaign Blog Screenshot

The LCC blog gives the latest updates about their tireless campaigning efforts, covering the positive progress being made to make London a better place for cycling. There’s also a light hearted side to it with cycling blogger profiles and cycling tips.

London Cycle Chic

Screenshot of London Cycle Chic cycling blog

The blog, along with the eShop Caz Nicklin setup in 2008, aims to get more women to get on two wheels by promoting cycling and offering up a range of stylish, yet practical cycling accessories. You’ll typically find her blog mentioned in the likes of the Guardian, The Evening Standard and Vogue.

Buffalo Bill’s London Cycling Blog

Buffalo Bill Bicycle Blog Screenshot

Former bicycle courier Bill Chidley, a.k.a. Buffalo Bill, blogs on the Moving Target website and also runs his personal site at Buffalo Bill Bicycle Blog. There’s plenty of coverage of the world of bicycle couriers here as well as more general coverage of cycling in London.

The Alternative Department for Transport

The Alternative DFT website screenshot

The Alternative DFT is another great source of analysis on cycling in London. Aptly named, the blog is always hot on the heels of road designers and planners, offering a close look at the way we design our roads and how that impacts the people that have to use them. Warning: Reading this blog is likely to make your blood boil! I recommend deep breaths..

Cycling with Heels

Cycling with heels London Cycling Blog screenshot

Jude is a 30-something writer and editor who has been cycling in London since 2002, after her friend convinced her to try it out. From bike bags, to cycling in a skirt and London’s cycling events – Jude has it covered. We recently featured some of her word on London Cyclist.

Croydon Cyclist

Screenshot of Croydon Cyclist Blog

The first person you think of when you talk about helmet cameras is Cycle Gaz and his blog Croydon Cyclist. Whilst not updated very frequently, he has a very active YouTube channel that is worth subscribing to.

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  1. lovelobicycles 07/06/2013 at 4:11 pm #

    Good timing, Andreas, I put this up yesterday…


    I’ve added everyone you mention who I didn’t already have.

    • Andreas 07/06/2013 at 4:14 pm #

      Great idea to add it to a map – shall share it on Twitter 🙂

  2. Gaz 07/06/2013 at 7:27 pm #

    Thanks Andreas 🙂

    I should really get round to updating my blog more often, i’ve got so much to say but so little time to write 🙁

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