10 of the best Instagram bike hashtags

London Cyclist is on IG

London Cyclist is on Instagram! That’s right people – we’ve grown our social media arsenal. From great cycling gear, to beautiful commutes and the interesting people that work in the cycling industry – we intend to share it and would invite you to join us.

To mark this momentous occasion (and because we have spent the last few weeks exploring Instagram and all the bike related goodness on there) we thought we would bring you a round up of some of the best hashtags out there for drool worthy bike things.

We’d also like to introduce a new #londoncyclistblog where readers in our community are invited to share their pics with us and fellow commuters.


A pretty international look at the bike as a mode of transport, with a mix of cities and countryside. I think we have a tendency to put our heads down and pedal when going to work. It is certainly the case when the weather is bad or we are running late. But, the commute by bike can be a beautiful thing!


Good morning! #cycletowork

A post shared by Tatiana Smetanina (@smetaninatv) on

Great photos of stuff seen while cycling into work – some people seem to have some pretty amazing commutes. This one seems a little more British and showcases daily life on a bike.


Pretty much the same as the two above, but lets be honest, you can never have too much inspiration!


Standing for bike against a wall, this hashtag provides classic bike posing fodder. There are lots of simple bikes against walls, but there are also some more creative shots of the humble, or not so humble, bike in its natural environment. There are some pretty nice walls in London but there do not seem to be many shots of them with this tag – lets change that.


For those of us/you who like the physical form of the bicycle almost as much as riding it – there are some pretty bikes out there after all. There are some very nice details on bikes as well and this tag celebrates all things aesthetically pleasing. Or unobtainable to the humble cycle commuter.


On the grind 🚲 #lfgss #fixie #london #thisislondon

A post shared by MC (@lugeman) on

For single speed and fixed gear lovers, the #lfgss tag follows on from their massive forum. Primarily London based, it gives a good idea of how suitable a single speed is for a lot of London, or where you could roam with one further afield.


Ok, so this one isn’t really bike related. But, for picturesque shots of the lovely city we live in this is a pretty good one. There are days when I just wish I lived somewhere else, but then London goes and does something beautiful and I apologise for ever thinking bad thoughts. This hashtag can provide those moments, when the city itself isn’t cooperating.


#london #londonlife #thisislondon #mylondon #borisbike

A post shared by Patricia (@patwalkingaround) on

For a somewhat tourist fed view of cycling in London, the #borisbike tag is quite fun.


Again, an inspirational collection of images for the most part. They are not all taken in far flung lands though. Many of the images people are putting this tag on are of urban environments so it seems to be a good one for explorations of London or other cities as well.


Finally, the most important hashtag of all, and soon to be the best! We want you to tag your photos with #londoncyclistblog. We think it will be a great way of collecting images of cycling in London, the gear you use and the stuff you like. As a bonus incentive, we will pick an image a week to use in our newsletter. We will tag all of our photos with this as well and hopefully soon we will be able to grow the tag!

What are your favourite bike related Instagram tags? Add them in to the comments below and we will add others we take a liking too.

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