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When can you make a cycle accident claim

This week we’re covering cycling accidents on London Cyclist. Our first post shared the results of our survey where we found that nearly 60% of cyclists have at one stage been involved in an accident. Today, I wanted to cover some of the scenarios where you may seek to make a claim for damage to […]

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58.1% of cyclists have been involved in an accident

Recently we released a survey to the audience of Today, I want to present you with the results. The survey was completed by 1,152 cyclists. We asked: Have you ever been in an incident with another road user? By that I mean anything from a minor bump to a larger incident. You said: Minor […]

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The secrets to the un-stealable bike

Bike owners have an average of 23 months before their bikes are nicked 26,000 bikes stolen in London last year 4% chance of ever recovering your stolen bike These headlines make me want to haul up inside my new BMW X6M “Chelsea Tractor” and hide in my secured compound with 24 hour armed guard security. […]

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If your bike gets stolen, don’t expect the police to help

A Hungarian thief busting film crew travelled to London to get one question answered: How effective is the UK police force at combating bicycle theft? In London if your bike is stolen, you have a 4% chance of ever recovering it. As previous miraculous stories from readers show, you have an uphill struggle to get […]

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The best bike lock

Out of all the above bike locks there’s only one that I trust when locking my bike. Can you guess which one? The Kryptonite New York 3000. Sure it might be expensive to buy at first (around £55) and sure it’s a heavy beast to carry around, but it beats buying a new bike any […]

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Where do you leave your bike at night?

At night, my bike accompanies me in my house. Creating an obstacle course that all guests have to pass, if they want to get to my lounge. I’d be interested in hearing where London Cyclist readers leave their bikes at night. Do you double lock it outside or do you bring it in to the […]

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What an RAF pilot can teach us about being safe on the road

“Sorry mate, I didn’t see you”. Is a catchphrase used by drivers up and down the country. Is this a driver being careless and dangerous or did the driver genuinely not see you? According to a report by John Sullivan of the RAF, the answer may have important repercussions for the way we train drivers […]

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The secrets to safe cycling

We have written a number of posts on safe cycling here on London Cyclist (7 mistakes you are making with your cycling and How to make your next bike ride safer than the last) and I’m glad to say they are always popular reads. This proves to me that you guys are interested in doing […]

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How to make your next bike ride safer than the last

Have you ever heard any of the below advice that is frequently thrown around: Wear high-vis Wear a helmet Wear appropriate clothing Typically, this will come from a journalist writing for a car publication or someone with a deadline, and not enough time to really research what cyclists can do to stay safe. There’s nothing […]

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How a simple sticker is reducing the number of doorings in New York

In New York City, the Department of Transportation (the equivalent of our TfL) has unveiled a new initiative aiming to reduce the number of doorings. This is when a driver or passenger opens their door in the way of a cyclist. Something that here in the UK, is illegal. Part of the campaign involves 26,000 […]

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How to security tag your bike

Security tags deter would-be bike thieves and help the police recover your bike if it stolen. There are various places you can get a security ID tag, however I recommend: Bike Register Bike Shepherd The tags you can purchase from both are highly tamper resistant. The security tags may look like simple stickers, but they […]

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First thing you need to do if your bike is stolen

If you’ve not yet had your bike stolen then please see: How to get your bike stolen. Getting your bike stolen is never a nice experience. However, the next steps you take will greatly improve your chances of recovering your bike. Ideally, take these steps as soon as possible. Report the bike to the police […]

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