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Chain through saddle

How to Prevent Bicycle Saddle Theft

A few weeks ago we had a look at how to have the most secure bike in London. There is nothing more devastating than returning to the spot where you left your bike to find only an empty space. However, bike theft has an annoying little sibling – and that’s saddle theft. Having your saddle […]

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How to have the most secure bike in London

There is something absolutely soul destroying about leaving work after a long day, making your way towards where you left your bike that morning – and finding an empty space. The reactions go a bit like this – First confusion: I thought I left it here. Second: disbelief – surely not. Third: irrepressible anger. Not […]

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How to cycle around horses

The recent Cycling Scotland advert, told drivers to treat a cyclist like a horse. That’s all well and good, and makes for a rather funny video, but how should cyclists treat horses and horse riders? Jessica Drake, a member of Horses and Road Safety Awareness, wanted to share with me a few of her tips as […]

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London’s 12 most terrifying junctions for cycling

The capital’s cycling provision keeps cycling campaigners in business; a list of junctions that weren’t designed for cycling would include 99% of the junctions in London. But what are the worst of the worst? The real places that cyclists dread to go?  Here are twelve infamous candidates. Images courtesy of Google Street View. Southampton Row/Theobalds […]

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What I’ve learned from hitting the tarmac

I love to ride my bike. I have done so for years – it’s a great way of getting around and I like to ride for sport, too. Despite the fact I love the feeling of whooshing along tarmac, with recent crashes grabbing the headlines, it’s hard not to let worry creep in when commuting on busy […]

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£318 insurance quote screenshot

How do you insure a really expensive bike?

You’ve just spent £3200 on a Trek Madone road bike and now you want to go out and ride it. But, sensibly, you decide to grab some insurance first. You checkout the best bicycle insurance options and head over to ETA to get your bike covered. Enter the post code, value of the bike plus accessories. You spit out your coffee […]

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New cycle safety film illustrates a lorry driver’s perspective

A new film by the Met Police is designed to show the dangers that can arise from a typical interaction between a cyclist and a driver. It’s a useful film, which shows how easy it is for a cyclist to disappear in a blind spot. It’s certainly well intentioned and I hope that as many […]

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What cyclists can learn from the 5 recent incidents on London’s roads

Recent headlines have sent a shock through the cycling community. Five cyclists killed in nine days, bringing the death toll this year to 13. Unmentioned, are the hundreds of cyclists to suffer severe injuries. The Save Our Cyclists petition, as well as a flash ride spearheaded by the LCC and planned Stop the killing die-in […]

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Concerned text

How would you respond to this text message about dangers of cycling?

“I am desperately worried about you cycling in London. You are not a driver and don’t realise the hazards of cycling in such a busy area even with cycle paths. I was knocked off my bike when I was young and cars and lorries appear from nowhere.” – A concerned mother of a cyclist in […]

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Sennheiser/Adidas headphones for cycling

While cycling the streets of London there is plenty to keep you distracted: honking motorists, distracted pedestrians, traffic lights and slovenly cyclists. On a long bike ride, it could be nice to be able to listen to some music or the radio. Ah, if only there was some safe way to allow the avid cyclist […]

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How one London cyclist got his stolen bike back from eBay

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. You return one day to find your bike has been stolen. Then, you spot it for sale on eBay. What do you do? Confront the seller directly? Just pay them? Contact eBay? Contact the police? Sometimes miraculous recoveries do happen. This is the story of how one London cyclist, Stuart, got […]

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Why do drivers get angry at cyclists

If you sat and thought now about the number of times you’ve been riding happily along, minding your own manners and rules of the road, only to have an angry driver honk, scowl or shout a few colourful words your way? Ever wondered why? Was that guy just having a bad day or did you […]

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