Following a cycling route

Say you are the leader of a ride and you need to follow a route. Or, you’ve just bought a copy of the London Cycle Routes eBook and you want to follow one or the rides. Or, you are cycling a sportive from London to Brighton and you want to have the route handy. Oddly, […]

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Cycling across London

A question that I frequently get asked is: How do I cycle across London? The answer is: You get your bike, you climb on to it as your dad taught you when you were little and then cycle across. Obviously, that isn’t what is really being asked here. The question referrers to how do you […]

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Topeak Tri Bag review

When you are out riding your bike you tend to need quick access to a few key bits. Such as money, sunglasses multitool, mobile and keys. The Tri Bag mounts quickly to the handlebars so you can easily reach what you need. The bag is reasonably priced at £15.92 on Amazon. At that price a […]

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Free bicycle maintenance classes in London

If you want to learn the basics to bicycle maintenance then a number of free courses and workshops exist in London. They can help you reduce the cost of your bicycle maintenance by completing basic tasks such as replacing brake pads. Below is a list of the free maintenance workshops and classes I’m aware of. […]

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5 big sticking points that put people off maintaining their bikes themselves

Recently, we ran a survey on the topic of bicycle maintenance. I wanted to know more about readers thoughts so I can better serve them on this blog. The results of the survey are private (won’t be shared with any nasty marketers etc.) but I wanted to post up some of the early insights I’ve […]

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Safe cycling TV advertising – Good or bad idea?

We all remember the advert. A child is being filmed by his friend on a camera phone playing around. As he crosses the street he doesn’t look left and a car runs him over. The advert still sends shivers up my spine. Some will claim the advert is a good and dramatic way to get […]

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New site aims to make finding a cycling buddy easy

The team that created the popular site Jogging Buddy is aiming to make it easier for cyclists to find others to cycle with. After all a 70 mile ride can get a little dull after a while. The site can be joined for free here: http://www.cyclingbuddy.com/ One of the most common emails I get (aside […]

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I need your help: 4 minute survey (finished)

Ever so often I like to reach out to readers of London Cyclist to hear about their feelings on a certain topic. In the past that has led to the London Cycle Routes eBook which was highly requested. This time I’d like to find out everyone’s thoughts on bicycle maintenance. Whether you love maintaining your […]

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Have you ever attended a protest ride?

The recent ride to parliament gathered 2,000 cyclists according to police estimates. The ride is just one of many that has recently been organised either to remember a cyclist tragically lost on London’s roads or to campaign for change. I’ve attended a couple such rides myself. It was a chance to show my support and […]

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A cycling experience in France

What do quaint seaside villages, great seafood, picture-perfect medieval towns, stone age monuments dotting the landscape, crepes, galettes and hundreds of kilometers of car-free cycling paths have in common? They are just a few of the special treats to be enjoyed on a cycling holiday in Brittany! Whether you go for a week or a […]

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Am I in danger of becoming a bike snob?

I’ve always prided myself as running London Cyclist as a blog for the casual cyclist. However, when a friend of mine recently asked me for advice on buying a new bike, I was worried I may be turning in to a bit of a bike snob. He picked out a hybrid bike for around £200. […]

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Flying your bike to another country

I currently find myself over 5,000 miles away from London in Guatemala. (I’d forgotten what it was like to be warm and walk around in a t-shirt – very nice!). In the run up to the trip I strongly considered bringing my bike over here with me. Eventually, I decided that it would be easier […]

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