Dont panic

How to cope with 3 panic inducing bike commuter experiences

How you cope with life’s major and minor challenges is a mark of character. Or so the common adage goes. The trying cycling events we usually encounter are related to road safety. However, there are a few things that will probably happen to every cycle commuter at least once that we don’t think about until they happen. Here […]

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Vaude Cycle 28 red

3 pannier options to commute undefeated in the rain

After all the reviews for bags you carry or your Brompton carries, we thought a round up of winter-proof regular panniers was called for. Your chances of a wet commute have increased significantly now it is autumn, as is evidenced by the weather forecast for this week. With this in mind we decided to offer […]

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cycle infrastructure

A ‘Mini-Holland’ for all?

The ‘Mini-Holland’ projects are probably nothing new to many of us London cyclists. Going Dutch is supposed to fix all of our cycling woes and the place where the revolution begins is London. What is very interesting is the variation in the interpretations of what ‘Holland-izing’ London would look like. Each borough (Enfield, Kingston and Waltham Forest) […]

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Lots of cycling gear

What stops people from becoming London cyclists?

As cyclists in London, we take for granted being able to navigate London on a bike. Although, even after many years of cycling, I still occasionally question my sanity and doubt my ability to get around safely. I’ve learnt to adapt, by avoiding certain roads and using what I learnt on a cycle safety course. You […]

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Vulpine Laptop Commuter pack

Vulpine Laptop Commuter Backpack Reviewed

Vulpine have just launched a new website along with new accessories. Among them, is their first ever bag offering. If their clothing range is anything to go by, the bag was something I was eager to get my hands on. Here at London Cyclist, we are big fans of Vulpine kit and we have reviewed their clothing before.  Up until […]

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A full bike rack

Gearing up after Cycle to Work day success?

I hope you all enjoyed cycling to work yesterday and feel inspired to make cycle commuting a regular part of your day. If you are thinking about cycling to work on a regular basis, there are some basic items that will make your experience a lot better. Once again we have Chain Reaction to give […]

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Cycle specific bike signals

New legislation forces lorries to use new safety measures

Tfl and the government have implemented a new piece of legislation aimed at keeping cyclists safer on London’s streets. From now on, lorries must use mirrors that decrease the sizes of their blind spots along with side panels that prevent cyclists being dragged under the vehicle. The new measures are a result of the disproportionate number […]

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Lezyne femto bike lights

How to get a bike in shape for cycle to work day

Cycle to work day is just next week – Thursday September 3rd– and we have teamed up with Chain Reaction Cycles to offer some suggestions for how you can: a) Get your bike in shape b) Keep your bike in shape Primarily you want to make sure that your bike is road worthy and is going to survive […]

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Brompton Mini-O Bag

Brompton bags – Full range review

It may seem like all I blog about is bags, but I will eventually prove to you that that is not the case. However, the bags have been stacking up at London Cyclist HQ so we thought we would have a blitz. This is more of a roundup post than a review. For all you current […]

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Boris bike van

My how they grow, Boris Bikes turn 5!

Free hire this weekend, August 22nd and 23rd It is time for a celebration of the Boris bike which has been roaming the streets of London for 5 years now. As a sort of reverse birthday present, Tfl and Santander are giving you free hire this weekend, Aug 22nd and 23rd, 2015. Huzzah! First however, […]

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Metal hook closure

Bags for Cyclists – Brooks Pickwick rucksack review

Classy commuter bags – part 2 The second bag review offering this week is a rucksack for those who prefer 2 straps on their bag but still want class. If you are more of a one-strap-porter check out part 1, our Trakke Wee Lug review. Brooks Pickwick, £205/€250 Brooks offer quite a range of luggage for […]

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Man wearing messenger bag

Bags for cyclists – Trakke Wee Lug Messenger Bag review

Classy commuter bags – part 1. This week we are adding to our reviews of classy commuting bags, here is the first, the second will be out at the end of the week. Enjoy! Trakke Wee Lug messenger bag – £240 Trakke are a small company located in Glasgow, specialising in classy messenger bags and backpacks, […]

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