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Stopping your bike from squeaking

A persistent squeak, creek or click can be a torturous experience for a cyclist. All bikes suffer from them, from time to time and they are a good wake up call that something isn’t quite right. Today, I’ll be sharing part of the maintenance section of the new London Cyclist Handbook. Whilst there are cyclists […]

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What goes in to a bike service?

Today, I took my bike in to Lunar Cycles to discover what goes in to a bike service. Something that has always been a bit of a mystery to me. This is the service frequently used bikes should have at least once per year. Lunar Cycles charge £65 for this service. Alternatively, for £80 they […]

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How to Clean Your Rims and Brake Pads

If your bike is anything like mine then after a couple of bike rides in the rain, the rims and brake pads will be fairly caked in road muck. This greatly reduces braking performance and speeds up the wear on the rims and the pads. To get them clean, the best method is to use […]

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The London Cyclist guide to cleaning your bike even when you’ve not got the room to do it

Keeping your bike clean when you’ve not really got the room to do it is a pain. However, it is something that should be in your calendar at least once a month. It should be one of those things, you shouldn’t even think about having to do. “Oh, it’s the first of the month – […]

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How I learnt to love punctures

I’ve never been a big fan of getting a puncture. I prefer to blissfully ignore the fact that it is an inevitable part of cycling. However, on a recent rainy ride, after 6 months free of punctures, they caught up with me with a vengeance. With my legs, feet, hands and pretty much everything else […]

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Bike lube: What’s all the fuss?

Keeping your bike well lubricated is probably one of those maintenance tasks that too frequently gets forgotten. But why does it matter? Which lubricant should you be applying? How frequently? Where? How much lube does a bike need? Why should I bother to apply lubricant? We’ve all been told we should keep our bike chains […]

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Free bicycle maintenance classes in London

If you want to learn the basics to bicycle maintenance then a number of free courses and workshops exist in London. They can help you reduce the cost of your bicycle maintenance by completing basic tasks such as replacing brake pads. Below is a list of the free maintenance workshops and classes I’m aware of. […]

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5 big sticking points that put people off maintaining their bikes themselves

Recently, we ran a survey on the topic of bicycle maintenance. I wanted to know more about readers thoughts so I can better serve them on this blog. The results of the survey are private (won’t be shared with any nasty marketers etc.) but I wanted to post up some of the early insights I’ve […]

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I need your help: 4 minute survey (finished)

Ever so often I like to reach out to readers of London Cyclist to hear about their feelings on a certain topic. In the past that has led to the London Cycle Routes eBook which was highly requested. This time I’d like to find out everyone’s thoughts on bicycle maintenance. Whether you love maintaining your […]

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Setting up your bike for winter

Winter cycling needs no introduction. It’s chilly and demotivating at times. But most of all, it’s a whole lot of fun, just like cycling the rest of the year. To keep riding through our English winter a few simple tweaks to your bike will make things easier for you and for your bike. Winter Mudguards […]

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Best bicycle toolkits

If you are getting more into your bicycle maintenance you’ll quickly discover you need a few extra tools that are not included in your standard B&Q toolbox. Especially when it comes to more advanced maintenance tasks such as hub bearing servicing. Although you could simply buy each tool individually, if you see yourself having a […]

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Suspension fork sag adjustment

One of the new repairs shortly coming to Bike Doctor is suspension sag adjustment. This is something that all mountain bike riders should do on a new mountain bike to account for their weight and riding style. It should also form part of an occasional maintenance routine. Suspension on a mountain bike reduces rider fatigue […]

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