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This Pedros Hex Wrench/Allen Key Set will do the job

Things I wish I’d known when I got my first bike

I got my first road bike aged 21 – I forget if it came with an instruction manual – but if it did I certainly didn’t read it. In fact, I raced it in a triathlon a few weeks after and took it to the Pyrenees not many months into our life together. Three years […]

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Cyclone bike

Here’s What Happens When You Buy a Cheap Bike

A few days ago, the designer of the London Cyclist app tapped in to my vast cycling knowledge and asked me whether he should buy this £137.90 bike: I shrugged and muttered “Looks alright”. My intuition told me he was probably looking for something a little more significant than that. So I got in touch […]

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How to Stop Getting Punctures

Is it possible to stop getting punctures? I would argue that it is. After a spate of 3 punctures in two week, I decided enough was enough. If they can design Cycle Hire Bikes to hardly ever get punctures, then why can’t I do the same with my bike? I made a few tweaks and […]

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The Bike Doctor app is shown on the iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy S3

Bike Doctor brings bike maintenance to your iPad

Squeaky brakes, slow changing gears and punctures – we’ve all experienced problems with our bikes at some stage. When these things happen we have a few options. We could take it to the local bike shop, we can try to ignore the problem and hope it goes away or we can fix it ourselves. Bike […]

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Fitting a Bike Chain Guard to Your Bike

It’s still fairly uncommon in London to find a bike with chain guards fitted. Yet, they are useful for protecting your clothes and your bike. Hence why they are a common feature on Boris Bikes and pretty much all Dutch style bikes. You can retro fit a chain guard to your bike. However, it can […]

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Best bicycle maintenance books

On London Cyclist we offer our online bike maintenance course and the Bike Doctor app, but if you are looking for bike maintenance books, then I can certainly recommend a few of them! Note that I’ve not found a good book with repair instructions for hub gears and hub brakes. If anyone has – please […]

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A step by step system for easily maintaining your bike at home

The essentials to bike maintenance – Allen keys and a bottle of wine! Slow changing gears, brakes that don’t bring a bike to a quick stop and strange creaks coming from near your pedals. Everyone recognises the symptoms of a bike in need of attention. Most people would love to have a bike that runs […]

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The Bicycle M Check

The M Check answers two important questions: Is my bike safe to ride, or will a wheel come flying off, just as I start to pedal? Are there any areas of my bike that I should be looking at? It’s one of the most useful tools for anyone who wants to maintain a bike themselves […]

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Learn to effortlessly maintain your bike in a weekend

Some of the feedback I’ve been receiving from the first 50 people who tested the Bike Maintenance in a Weekend course has been amazing: “What I especially liked was the mechanic was very soft spoken, easy to understand, and did not talk down, as you see in many YouTube videos. I just wish I had […]

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Have you ever had any of these thoughts while riding your bike?

I’d be riding my bike and these thoughts would be running through my head: “I really need to adjust my brakes, I’m pulling them far back and its taking too long for my bike to come to a stop” “I’d love to replace my front tyre, I wonder whether it is too worn to ride […]

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How to cut your bike shop visits in half

Want to know the single most important thing you can do to cut your visits to the bike shop in half? Clean and oil your chain once every two to three weeks. It’s that simple and it will probably take you 5 minutes. Will most people do anything about this? Probably not. In fact, I […]

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What is stopping people from maintaining their bikes themselves?

Doing your own routine bike maintenance has many benefits. You can instantly fix your bike, without relying on the timetable of the local bike shop. You can save significant amounts of money on bike shop repairs. It can also be reassuring to know that if something goes wrong, you can fix it. So why don’t […]

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