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Why I’m switching to mtb style flat pedals

I’ve recently found that my shoes were slipping in damp conditions and that I was not transferring quite as much power in my pedal stroke as I would have liked. Therefore, I’ve switched to wide, mountain bike style flat pedals. For cyclists that don’t wish to go all the way and be clipped in to […]

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Replacing single speed or BMX freewheel

If you ride around on a single speed bike or a BMX, then once every one to two years you need to replace the freewheel cog. It became apparent that my freewheel needed replacing on my bike after I kept hearing a clonking sound, each time I’d be applying a lot of pressure to the […]

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How to restore your old bike

Not all Londoners have access to a brand new, top of the range bicycle. Many, have a 10 year old hand me down mountain bike from their sister. One such person is my friend Laura. She recently asked me: What do you think of the bike? As someone who knows a thing or two about […]

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When should you replace your bike chain?

Like it or not, bike chains “stretch” over time. Only by a small amount, but multiply that by the number of times each link passes over your chainrings, cassette and jockey wheels and you’ll quickly wear them out, if you don’t regularly replace your chain. A worn chain ultimately leads to the most common mechanical […]

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Give your bike a comprehensive service and clean for 50% less than what most cyclists would pay

Just a few months ago I had a bike that was: Squeaking each time I pedalled up hill With brake pads that needed replacing A wobbly back wheel Full of road muck that I hadn’t found the time to clean off. Then, I took it in for a visit at Lunar Cycles. Now: It runs […]

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Five of the most common bike maintenance tools you’ll need

If you want to be able to look after your bike yourself, you’ll need a basic set of tools to start off with. Allen keys Also called hex keys, Allen keys are an essential for bike maintenance. Everything from adjusting your brakes, to tightening your seat post, will require an Allen key. Hexagonal ones are […]

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The tennis ball trick for single speed bikes

This is one of those little bike maintenance tricks that I just had to share! For a while I struggled with punctures on my single speed bike. The problem was, it was difficult to pull the wheel back to get the chain adequately tensioned and at the same time secure it in place. It’s one […]

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Replace gear cable

Over time gear cables can stretch. This will make gear shifting less smooth. If your shifting is feeling sluggish then it can be a good idea to replace the gear cable. Note that it’s very important to not attempt this repair with a cheap pair of cable cutters. Gear cables in particular fray very easily […]

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Remove bottom bracket

One of the repairs being added to our Bike Doctor app (iPhone and Android) is how to remove your bottom bracket. Why, oh why, would you want to do that? The bottom bracket is often the source of many irritating creaks on your bike. If you hear creaking as you pedal, then it may well […]

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Stopping your bike from squeaking

A persistent squeak, creek or click can be a torturous experience for a cyclist. All bikes suffer from them, from time to time and they are a good wake up call that something isn’t quite right. Today, I’ll be sharing part of the maintenance section of the new London Cyclist Handbook. Whilst there are cyclists […]

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What goes in to a bike service?

Today, I took my bike in to Lunar Cycles to discover what goes in to a bike service. Something that has always been a bit of a mystery to me. This is the service frequently used bikes should have at least once per year. Lunar Cycles charge £65 for this service. Alternatively, for £80 they […]

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How to clean your rims and brake pads

If your bike is anything like mine then after a couple of bike rides in the rain, the rims and brake pads will be fairly caked in road muck. This greatly reduces braking performance and speeds up the wear on the rims and the pads. To get them clean, the best method is to use […]

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