Online cycling games

Here is a list of absolutely must see online cycling games. Ranging from fun to weird to highly addictive these games will test your bike skills. If you know any more then send them over!

1. Cycle Racers – You have to manically press the left and right key to keep pedalling whilst at the same time moving up and down to avoid obstacles – simple but fun! Cycle Racers - Cycling games screenshot
2. Immigration – Very simple, just move your mouse round to avoid all the cops, minutes of fun! Extra points if you can get the cop cars to crash! cycle games immigration
3. Mountain Bike Madness – press b to sprint and avoid obstacles, get to do some serious jumps. I really enjoy this cycling game. cycle game mountain bike madness
4. BMX Backflips Game – Good little cycle game, with easy controls. New challenge on each level. Addictive in its simplicity. BMX backflip
5. Stunt Bike Island – press space to jump and S to perform a stunt. Collect power ups as you go along. Great time wasting cycling game. cycle game stunt bike island

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