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6 facts your MP should be aware of for the September 2nd debate on cycling

Today, I’ve written to my Member of Parliament, Karen Buck. On the 2nd of September 2013, from 7pm to 10pm, there will be a parliamentary debate on cycling, based on the “Get Britain Cycling” report by the Parliamentary Cycling Group. I’ve written to her asking to attend and explaining why I think it’s important. If […]

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What Boris can learn from the Mayor of Rome’s plan for the Colosseum

The news today is that the Colosseum is to be returned to the people ,with the removal of the roads surrounding it. The Mayor of Rome said to the BBC: “I don’t think any other city in the world … would have turned the Colosseum, probably the most famous monument on the planet, into a […]

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Your guide to RideLondon 2013

Cyclists of all ages and shapes will be out and about this weekend enjoying all that the Prudential RideLondon 2013 festival has to offer. Cyclists will descend on London for cycling events for beginners, racing enthusiasts and just about anyone who’s been known to have a great time on two wheels. Consisting of four main […]

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Cyclist riding around a bus stop in TRL testing facility

Revolutionising the road junction – deep inside TfL’s secret lab in Berkshire

Guest post by Jude from the Cycling with Heels blog. When I read back in April that Transport for London were trialling some new cycle-friendly roundabouts and junctions, my first thought was, wow! Where do I sign up? My second thought was, it’ll never happen. They’ll be inundated with cyclists wanting to take part. I’ll never […]

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Adventures finding cycle parking in Soho

You are on route to meet your friends at your favourite Japanese restaurant in Soho, as you happily pedal to your destination, you suddenly remember that cycle parking in Soho is a nightmare. It shouldn’t be really. This is the heart of London and the kind of place people should be encouraged to cycle to. […]

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Jamaica Road

Cyclist rant: London’s potholes

London: a city of worldwide fame, with culture, history and a million and one things to see. Yet, while the city’s skyline becomes increasingly modern with the Shard and soon the Walkie-Talkie too, the streets below are getting left behind. There are many reasons why people say cycling in London isn’t fun, and today I’m […]

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Cycling with heels London Cycling Blog screenshot

10 of the most popular London cycling blogs

Stay informed, with this hand picked selection of London’s best cycling blogs. From the serious to the hilarious, this is required reading for London’s cyclists.

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Five things you’ll hear as soon as you tell someone you cycle to work

“Oh you cycled here?” There’s always a look of surprise on people’s faces when you tell them you choose to use your bike to get from A to B.

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Female cyclists pedalling past

Female cyclists in London

Guest post by Jude from Cycling with Heels. Walking down Kingsland Road in Hackney the other day, I watched a steady stream of cyclists go past me. They were a motley assortment: some in full Lycra on expensive road bikes, some in jeans on single speeds, and some on traditional bikes, baskets held proudly aloft. […]

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Riding the MITIE London Revolution

Riding the MITIE London Revolution

Peruvian Wharf in London’s Docklands is not normally known as a busy place at 6am, but last Saturday things were different. There was a tangible buzz of excitement and anticipation in the air as over 1000 riders gathered in this piece of ex-industrial wasteland. The reason for this gathering? This was the start of the […]

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Little venice picture

Bring your camera: 6 great photogenic spots to cycle to in London

The charms of London always reveal themselves as you pedal around on two wheels. Slowing down the pace isn’t easy for Londoners, but in a hectic life it can be very rewarding. What better way to explore than with a camera strapped to your back or in your saddle bag to capture the scenery. Here […]

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London’s Bicycle Collectives – From bike repairs to second hand bikes

Bicycle collectives not only provide a sense of community to cyclists, but they are also a go-to place for repairs, safety workshops, bicycle repair classes and even used cycle sales. Whether you are a new cyclists or simply looking to become more immersed in the bicycle community, London’s bicycle collectives are the place to start. […]

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