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Single speed riding

£300 or less: Three of best single speed bikes

Single speed bikes have a certain allure to many riders in London and beyond. There are people who love them and take great pride in their bike set ups. They feel that riding single speed, or even better: fixed, is true cycling. Then there are those who are skeptics, who believe that ‘gears were invented […]

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Ortlieb Commuter bag on bike

Do you need cycling clothes?

Reading this blog or many other bike blogs, you will have inevitably come across talk of “essential” clothing and accessories for cycling. Is this all just hokum to sell things? Well, that depends. What one person deems essential is going to vary from the next person. A number of factors come in to play including distance of commute, type […]

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lumo jacket lit up

Lumo Herne Hill Harrington jacket review

Lumo, a new British company on the cycling clothing scene, has two types of jackets out of both men and women. These are no normal jackets though, these are extra snazzy. The company went live on Kickstarter a little while ago and has just had its official launch party, selling online through their website as well as […]

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Arc'teryx A2B jacket

Arc’teryx A2B reviewed

Arc’teryx is well known in climbing and hiking circles for producing very high quality, well fitting clothing. They have had a commuter line for a few years now but it seems to have attracted very little attention in this country. With the opening of a new flagship store, and my general love for pretty jackets […]

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Waterproof utility

Vulpine rain protection reviewed

Its raining, its pouring, but these clothes aren’t boring. In fact, the jacket comes in some pretty snazzy colours. In this review we will look at the waterproof utility jacket and the cotton rain trousers. Vulpine, the well respected purveyor of fine, urban cycling attire and accessories has been offering the waterproof utility jacket and […]

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Mens flashlight jersey

My eyes! New dhb Flashlight jacket and jerseys reviewed

What trickery is this, sun during the night?! This stuff is bright. It is reflective and it is bright. Did I say it was bright? I am not usually one for neon colours (although I happen to think that neon pink actually looks quite good on me). I generally prefer my urban cycling gear to […]

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Vaude Cycle 28 red

3 Pannier Bags to Commute Undefeated in the Rain

After all the reviews for bags you carry or your Brompton carries, we thought a round up of winter-proof regular panniers was called for. Your chances of a wet commute have increased significantly now it is autumn, as is evidenced by the weather forecast for this week. With this in mind we decided to offer […]

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Vulpine Laptop Commuter pack

Vulpine Laptop Commuter Backpack Reviewed

Vulpine have just launched a new website along with new accessories. Among them, is their first ever bag offering. If their clothing range is anything to go by, the bag was something I was eager to get my hands on. Here at London Cyclist, we are big fans of Vulpine kit and we have reviewed their clothing before.  Up until […]

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A full bike rack

Gearing up after Cycle to Work day success?

I hope you all enjoyed cycling to work yesterday and feel inspired to make cycle commuting a regular part of your day. If you are thinking about cycling to work on a regular basis, there are some basic items that will make your experience a lot better. Once again we have Chain Reaction to give […]

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Brompton Mini-O Bag

Brompton Bags Full Range Review

It may seem like all I blog about is bags, but I will eventually prove to you that that is not the case. However, the bags have been stacking up at London Cyclist HQ so we thought we would have a blitz. This is more of a roundup post than a review. For all you current […]

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Metal hook closure

Bags for Cyclists – Brooks Pickwick Rucksack Review

The second bag review offering this week is a rucksack for those who prefer 2 straps on their bag but still want class. If you are more of a one-strap-porter check out part 1, our Trakke Wee Lug review. Brooks Pickwick, £205/€250 Brooks offer quite a range of luggage for portaging your daily life while trying […]

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Man wearing messenger bag

Bags for cyclists – Trakke Wee Lug Messenger Bag review

Classy commuter bags – part 1. This week we are adding to our reviews of classy commuting bags, here is the first, the second will be out at the end of the week. Enjoy! Trakke Wee Lug messenger bag – £240 Trakke are a small company located in Glasgow, specialising in classy messenger bags and backpacks, […]

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