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Beto Alloy Track Pump review

Post by Jack When I first started cycling in London, it was all about the money. Not only was I broke and saving for a wedding, but I resented the fact that I was spending well over £100 of my hard-earned cash to get to work each month. After all, I go to work to […]

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Design Headwear LED Cycle Helmet review

There’s no doubt that blinking bike lights draw attention to cyclists making it less likely you’ll hear the phrase “Sorry mate, I didn’t see you”. With that in mind, there’s no harm in an extra bike light. Increasingly these days, I’m seeing them on bike helmets. One such helmet is the reasonably priced Design Headwear […]

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Three books with bike rides to try out in the UK

There’s a great pleasure to a long bike ride. Everything from the preparation in the days running up to it, to the excitement amongst participants and finally the ride itself. Exploring the roads and countryside of either distant countries or within our own shores. It’s the latter I want to focus on today. Because after […]

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Wingman suit bag review

If you need to regularly carry your suit in to work, then you can choose from a number of suit bags. One of them is the Henty Wingman which ships from Australia for £115. For the past few months I’ve been whizzing around London, testing it out and today, as our collective new years hangovers […]

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Tigra iPhone 5 bike mount

It’s Christmas eve, I’m back home with the family and it’s raining continuously, so I decided now would be a great time to get in to the great outdoors and do a quick video demonstration of the new Tigra iPhone 5 bike mount! The new mount has a similar set of features to the Samsung […]

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Need a Bike Horn or Bike Bell? What is the Loudest Bike Horn?

I spy with my little eye a new trend developing.. LOUD bike horns! It seems the humble bicycle bell is no longer enough for people. We need something louder. The Orp bike horn – 96db As I type these very words you are currently reading, 422 people have backed the Orp bike horn Kickstarter project. […]

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Gifts for Cyclists – 30 Ideas for Cycling Gifts

Christmas time again, and there’s more cyclists than ever to buy gifts for! Here’s a collection of items I’d be happy to receive! 1. It’s not the destination it’s the ride Great little keychain sold on Etsy for those who like their unique and quirky gifts. £9.48 Thanks to @discerningcyc for inspiration on this one! […]

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The bike light you can drop in a pint glass

The clever chaps over at Knog in Australia, have come up with a new bike light. The Knog Blinder 1. It’s a bike light that you can drop in a pint. Here are three reasons you’ll love it: It can be dropped in a pint. Not only does this make for a cool trick in […]

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Helmet camera for cyclists

With the War on Britain’s Roads “shockumentary” still fresh in people’s minds, I want to update a roundup we covered a while back on helmet cameras for cyclists. If you’d like to use a helmet camera for safety, or even if it’s just for recording your mountain bike rides, here’s a roundup of the best […]

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The new Blaze bike light has been designed to protect you

Picture the scene. You are a bus driver in London and you want to turn left. You glance around and it looks clear. As you start to make your turn you spot a flashing green light with a symbol of a cyclist on the ground. You look in your mirror and see the cyclist coming. […]

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7 bits of cycling gear that cost less than a 7 day travelcard

A 7 day travel card costs £34.20 to Zones 1 to 3. Sometimes its a nice reminder of how much money you are saving by cycling and what that equates to. EDZ Merino Liner Gloves Get warm and snug hands by fitting this £10 pair of Merino liner gloves inside your existing gloves. The extra […]

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Samsung Galaxy s3 bike mount

If you’ve ever thought to yourself: “My Samsung Galaxy S3 would be incredibly useful if it was mounted to my bike handlebars.” You’ll want to take a look at the new Tigra bike mounts. Today, the Samsung Galaxy S3 version is available and by mid December they’ll be a version available for the iPhone 5. […]

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