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Bicycle Maintenance Made Ridiculously Easy

A well looked after bike is a pleasure to ride. Yet when you first start cycling this is the one area often ignored. Soon you find the breaks not as responsive, the gears keep skipping and everything starts squeaking. After a short while you find yourself not enjoying your cycling as much as you could be.

Luckily you don’t have to pay £40 at the bike shop every time something goes wrong. By following a few simple checklists every month you can keep that new bike feeling for longer.

I don’t think that bicycle maintenance needs to be the realm of just hardcore enthusiasts and bike mechanics. The simple repairs, which is probably all you will ever have to do, are possible for anyone to do themselves. This is exactly why this guide is here. It’s for the everyday cyclist who wants to learn a few tricks about how the bike works. After all you are spending all these hours every week on your bike dedicating a maximum of one hour every month to check everything over isn’t a big request.

What is included in the eBook




The eBook takes you through two checklists. The first if a quick pre-ride check to make sure things don’t start falling off as you start pedalling!

The second is checklist of things you should be doing every month to make sure your bike keeps running smoothly. These are pretty essential things that any bike owner should know.

Then I also go through some of the typical repairs you may need to do. These include fixing a flat, checking for chain wear and adjusting brakes.

Finally the eBook gives away some of the tricks I use to make sure I stay on top of bike maintenance.

What others had to say about the eBook

Bicycle maintenance made ridiculously easy is an excellent resource for beginning cyclists who wish to save money by taking care of their own equipment. More experienced cyclists will likely find some of the maintenance tips, and the excellent monthly checklist, useful as well.

James Thomas, BicycleDesign

This publication takes all of the mystery out of the dark art of bicycle maintenance and shows it to be so everyday and ordinary as to be easy!  Download it now and you need never put up with annoying gears or have to blush in ignorance in your local bike shop again.

Mark Ames, iBikeLondon

Bicycle Maintenance Made Ridiculously Easy is exactly what it claims to be – a simple how-to guide for maintaining the condition of your bike.

If you can learn to make these few common repairs to your bike, you can handle just about any problem you might encounter while out on the road.

With specific sections covering the tools, maintenance schedules, basic repairs, and tweaks that need to be made, it is a simple, down-to-earth handbook for anyone new to bicycle upkeep.

Darren Alff, Bicycle Touring Pro


Shouldn’t you be selling this?

Perhaps, but bicycle maintenance is one of the things that really got in my way when I first started cycling. It took me a while to realise that I only needed to do a few basic things every month to make life a lot easier for myself. I didn’t want anyone else to be put off by bike maintenance so I wanted to give away this free eBook to teach some of the basics in a very simple, easy to follow way. If you want to repay me then all I ask in return is that you subscribe to the newsletter so I can keep you up to date with goings on about London Cyclist.

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Right click here and choose “save file as…” to download