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The A-to-Z of the Ride Across Britain

The 2013 Deloitte Ride Across Britain Since I’ve been back, I’ve been trying to write up my experiences from my recently completed Ride Across Britain. I started to write a daily diary type article, but quickly decided to abandon it – after all there’s only so many ways I could write – “Got Up early, […]

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How to Stop Getting Punctures

Is it possible to stop getting punctures? I would argue that it is. After a spate of 3 punctures in two week, I decided enough was enough. If they can design Cycle Hire Bikes to hardly ever get punctures, then why can’t I do the same with my bike? I made a few tweaks and […]

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A holiday that brings together surfing and cycling

I want my holidays to provide me with more than a week of lying around, getting sunburnt and eating too much local fare. Don’t get me wrong, that sounds divine, but you can only lounge around so much in a given week. Naturally, when Big Friday emailed me about their Cycle Surfari holidays, I was […]

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Cyclepedia bike app for iPad

Bike apps for the iPad

To celebrate the launch of our very own Bike Doctor iPad app, I wanted to do a roundup of some of the excellent apps available to cyclists on their iPads. Bike apps on the iPad are primarily dominated by mapping apps, cycling magazines and a seemingly infinite supply of games! Bike Doctor 2.0 Our app! […]

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The Bike Doctor app is shown on the iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy S3

Bike Doctor brings bike maintenance to your iPad

Squeaky brakes, slow changing gears and punctures – we’ve all experienced problems with our bikes at some stage. When these things happen we have a few options. We could take it to the local bike shop, we can try to ignore the problem and hope it goes away or we can fix it ourselves. Bike […]

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Boris Bike forum screenshot

10 of the best cycling forums

Cyclists like connecting with fellow cyclists, whether it’s at cycling events, through bike clubs or on online forums. I’ve picked out a list of the best cycling forums here that I’ve found. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments. CTC Forum This is a great, laid-back forum that beginner cyclists will find […]

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Jamaica Road

Cyclist rant: London’s potholes

London: a city of worldwide fame, with culture, history and a million and one things to see. Yet, while the city’s skyline becomes increasingly modern with the Shard and soon the Walkie-Talkie too, the streets below are getting left behind. There are many reasons why people say cycling in London isn’t fun, and today I’m […]

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DHB Merino Top

Merino tops for cyclists

Merino wicks moisture from your skin, keeps your body at a good temperature and stops you from smelling bad after a long bike bike. It’s no wonder that it is such a buzzword amongst cyclists and it is a popular fabric choice in high end cycling clothing brands. What is there to love about Merino? […]

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Do you use a bike bell?

Westminster council recently announced they were considering handing out bicycle bells to keep cyclists safe. This is a fairly laughable solution to the problem that highlights how Westminster isn’t prepared to take serious action on safe cycling by re-considering the way we design our roads. Bicycle bells come with all new bike purchases by law. Yet, […]

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Jet Recon

Google Glass and cycling – a match made in heaven?

Love it or hate it – there’s no doubting modern technology is having a big impact on cycling. The next big thing is wearable technology. In that particular category, it is Google Glass that is turning the most heads. What is Google Glass? The video above of Sergei Brin offers perhaps the most enticing explanation. […]

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Cycling with heels London Cycling Blog screenshot

10 of the most popular London cycling blogs

Stay informed, with this hand picked selection of London’s best cycling blogs. From the serious to the hilarious, this is required reading for London’s cyclists.

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Five things you’ll hear as soon as you tell someone you cycle to work

“Oh you cycled here?” There’s always a look of surprise on people’s faces when you tell them you choose to use your bike to get from A to B.

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