Rapha Women’s Merino Review

Review by Katy Beveridge. Also by Katy:

Women’s Merino Jersey Review

Rapha Merino Base Layer front view

This bit of kit is has been an absolute lifesaver during this rather glum Summer.

Perfect for all weather, the high quality merino wool keeps you warm on chillier days and sweat free on the on the off chance of sunshine.

Stylistically it’s a bit of a nod towards a Fred Perry vibe, with the button neckline and muted tones. Light grey with off-white trimming it works well with jeans for a more casual look and ads an element of style when worn with anything Lycra.

Rapha Merino Base Layer

It features a handy back pocket with a Rapha emblazed reflective patch in bright pink, this is removable so can be kept in the pocket until needed. Breathing holes woven into the knit along the side to give you some added ventilation and make for a much neater fit.

The buttons and buttonholes are securely sewn, exemplifying Rapha’s focus upon longevity and the knit is reinforced around the base and sleeves, where you’re most likely to experience stretch over time.

Rapha merino view of sleeve

It feels great on and a wardrobe essential to the urban rider who wants to feel like cyclist without looking like a fabled “lycra lout”. This shirt allows you to feel like you could overtake just about everyone in sight without looking like you really have to.

Price: £125.00 | More details: Rapha.cc

Black Merino Wool Base Layer Review


Going by bike in London I think we all pride ourselves on the fact that we can go further and often faster than our public transport friends, and we go absolutely free.

The only thing that can often put a damper (quite literally) on your post-ride pride though is the unavoidable sweat factor. That’s where a merino base layer can really come in handy. Commuters take note.

Merino base layers are praised for their breathability, odour resistance and
thermoregulation, and in each aspect this Rapha base layer does not disappoint. Worn on it’s own it looks like just a plain black t-shirt but it’s the wool it’s made from that makes all the difference.

Merino’s natural anti-bacterial properties mean that they retain little or no sweaty odour and the hollowness of the fibres causes wicking, lifting the sweat from the skin. These are great for wearing under cloths to and from work saving you the hassle of having to carry a change with you. They’re also good for travel as they roll down to almost nothing and are very light weight.

Do be careful, if you intending any sexy post-cycle shirt removal though, like most wool based cloths, the fibres tend to come off on your skin. A black base layer especially tends to leave you with a rather hefty 6 o’clock shadow for the first few wears.

Price: £55 | Avaiable from Rapha.cc

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