Mitie London Revolution 2015 – Extra camping spots released!

Way back in 2012 I rode the Mitie London Revolution. To date, it’s been one of the most fun and challenging rides I’ve ever been on. Since the rides conception just a few short years ago, it’s become one of the most popular routes amongst London cyclists, selling out each year.

The 2015 edition, kicks off on the 16th and 17th May and the organisers have just released a few extra spots.


The ride circumvents the capital, involving 185 miles of ‘breathless sightseeing’ over two days. It is said that “the adventure really begins on day 2” and it’s true that there’s a real joy in riding on the second day, after just having ridden 100 miles the day before.

The organisation is spectacular, with Threshold Sports learning each year and making improvements. It means you can forget about everything else and let you mind be at ease to focus solely on your bike, the challenge and the scenic and iconic landscapes you have to dissect.

MITIE route

For 2015, the route has been reversed. Some of the gruesome hills have been turned into delightful descents and riders have a special route to look forward to, follow this link to explore it further:

The event starts on the 16th of May at Lee valley athletics centre and heads clockwise around the Capital, through the North and South Downs towards the halfway basecamp at Ascot. Marked and well researched, the route provides the perfect mixture of scenic country roads while covering the distance in an efficient manner…not necessarily going up and down hills like a yoyo but immersing you deep into the countryside.

Once ticking the 100mile box and reaching Ascot, this is your opportunity to pick up your creature comforts from where you drop off your bike in the secure lock up, have a hot shower, a massage, do some yoga and get a beer down you before dinner. Your tent will already have been set up, you just have to get in, and as I’m sure your body will tell you, sleep!


Day 2 consists of “only” circa 85 miles, but takes you through the beautiful but hilly Chilterns before heading towards Epping Forest and back to Lee Valley. Despite being so close to the daily London grind, the route encompasses the best of what the surrounding home counties have to offer while ensuring accessibility to both those who are using the ride as training for something more substantial and those who have never ridden on skinny tyres and have no idea how it is possible to remain in the ‘aero bar position’ for more than 5 seconds. This ride is perfect for those whose cycling is used as a means of getting to and from work but relish the idea of a longer ride in the country without having to get a map or Garmin out.

To find out more take a look at the Mitie London Revolution website.

Picture of the London Skyline

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